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2009-03-09 19:06:31

Hi. Me and my wife have recently gotten more into gaming and have bought a couple miniatures games. I have also been interested in RPG's but do not know where or how to start. Could someone please help me?

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Running with scissors for the gold
2009-03-10 12:52:52

I think the first question is: what interests you about RPGs?

2009-03-11 03:58:15

You could start out with something simple. There are a few free games out there two; check out the next few links listed. This is for a game called Magical Land of Yeld, still in testing, but is a great game. Very much like Final Fantasy tactics meets never ending story.

2009-03-13 05:46:11

I guess i always liked the idea of playing out scenarios with other people. I've always been interested in trying one out, but have never had friends interested in that type of gaming.

I'm already starting to get into miniatures. We started with BattleLore, which isn't an actual miniatures game, but uses elements from miniature games, and also uses miniatures. Then we bought Confrontation and quite enjoyed it, but we're having a hard time finding alot of stuff for it. Apparently Rackham had gone into bankruptcy just after releasing it, and production was stopped for a while. I went to a Warhammer games night at the local store tonight and enjoyed it, played 1 game and watched a few others. I'm looking at trying out Hordes, or Warmachine, since there should be less to paint to get started.

Any suggestions on a decent starting point for an RPG? I'm kind of looking at different groups around town, but don't know which RPG I should be looking at. I'm kind of thinking D&D because of the miniature game that's associated with it.

Also, would it be possible for me and my wife to start an RPG by ourselves? or is it better to start with a group of 4 or so?

Running with scissors for the gold
2009-03-13 13:18:54

There are some explicitly two player RPGs, the names of which I cannot think of. Depending on the premise of the game, other RPGs could be played with one player and one GM -- any kind of story with a detective or lone hero, for example.

As for where to start, what genre or kinds of stories appeal to you? D&D is pretty much about the fantasy genre with a syncretic cosmology built out of thirty years of borrowing that focuses on adventurers starting off weak and getting stronger through improving inborn traits and treasure they find on the way.

If you're more interested in science fiction, the big name games are stuff like Traveller and Star Wars. And it goes on like that for every genre. So it really helps to pick your favorite genre or type of story and work from there.

Also, wanting to try a RPG doesn't commit you to it indefinitely. You can try asking local groups if they would let you drop in for a session or two as a guest character. Worldwide D&D day is coming up soon. Local game stores will host pick-up games of D&D, so that would be a great chance for you to find out if you like it. Conventions are another great way to sample RPGs. If there's one in your area coming up, check out their RPG schedule.

2009-03-13 18:46:05

I always suggest trying something out first before you buy it. So Free RPG day will be another good event to check out, which is on june 20th.

2009-03-13 19:47:39

Free RPG day? Is that everywhere? I'm in Calgary. I'll ask the guy at the games store if I can sit in at any of their rpg game nights. They were kind enough to let me watch the warhammer night last night. I got to talk with guys, get some tips, and even have a small scale game with a patient veteran. He beat me, i accidentally blew up my vampire, which blew up his tomb king genreal and then both our armies started crumbling. he won with 1 mini left.

Running with scissors for the gold
2009-03-14 00:00:05

Stores need to sign up in advance to receive materials from the promotions company that organizes Free RPG Day, but there's nothing stopping people observing it even if their local retailer doesn't officially participate. I know some stores use it as an excuse for a backstock clearance sale.

2009-03-15 17:25:12

My local games shop gave me a litle card advertising D&D day, I'll attend, hopefully someone will let me join in, and be patient enough to let me learn. What do I need? Do I need my own d6 and d20 dice? My own pen, paper and minis?

I've decided to get into Warhammer as well. I'm thinking about going with the Chaos Warrior army. I just want something that's hard hitting. Anyway, thanks for the help guys.

Running with scissors for the gold
2009-03-16 13:14:34

My local games shop gave me a litle card advertising D&D day, I'll attend, hopefully someone will let me join in, and be patient enough to let me learn. What do I need? Do I need my own d6 and d20 dice? My own pen, paper and minis?
The day's all about teaching the game to newcomers, so if anyone gives you a hard time for not knowing how to play, they've completely missed the point.

Likewise, odds are both the GM and the store will have extra dice on hand. If not, you can easily pick up a "one of everything" dice set. They include a d4, d6, d8, d10, d12 and d20, which is technically all you need. Depending on what you play, though, you may be rolling them more than once for a given roll.

Everything new is old again.
2009-04-17 03:28:52

I've found miniatures games to be too much work (or me having too little time...), so RPGs have always been my favorite. Of games you might be interested in, don't worry about that part so much! You should try out several, but more important is finding players you enjoy being around. I always found the best RPGs play in smallish groups, say a GM and 3 or 4 players.

D&D is the biggest one, but I think it's overly complex. Since you like Warhammer, let me tell you there's a Warhammer Fantasy RPG out there, which may be more up your alley. But I think you'll probably want to find a few good friends to play a variety of games with, just so you can figure out how they work, and what play style suits you both, and what genres (settings) you both like.

Try looking for players/GMs at a local game convention; it's also a great way to try out lots of games, and the GMs are generally nice about teaching systems. You can also try looking for people at your local game shop, especially if they have a bulletin board for others looking for groups/players/GMs (most shops do). You can also get in contact with other local players through the old standbys like RPG.Net and AccessDenied.Net.

Good luck, and welcome to the fold!


2009-04-22 20:33:13

Another route you can try is to join he RPGA or role players gaming associaton. Its a world wide rpg org Myth Games in the NE hosts most of the meetings. its once a month but an all day affair.

2009-04-23 06:55:19

Or the pathfinder's society, which from what i hear is going to be bigger and better than RPGA when the pathfinder system comes out here shortly.

Enigma takes you where dogma cannot, but then...?
2009-04-27 05:05:59

A site called has a small but respectable selection of "Free" game resources. These are usually supplements to already-existing games or "quickstart" versions of larger games. However, regular visits to the site can net you short-term freebies like complete rulebooks (200+ pages) available for a limited time. Look through the list of Publishers to see if any of them have something that strikes your fancy.

At least one company on that site also offers printable approximations of miniatures ("Paper Heroes", in one company's parlance) that functions as an attractive alternative to full-metal miniatures for the gamer on a budget.

My own personal preference, White Wolf Game Studios: ... offers "quickstart" versions of its new World of Darkness line, which seems like the kind of thing you seek. However, certain other publishers offer similar "samplers", either through this site or their own.

Good luck!

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