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2015-06-17 01:19:05

Upon relocating to Georgia (south east Atlanta area) my husband and I find ourselves in need of a gaming group.

We're happy to host in our home. It would likely be a Pathfinder campaign set in the same quasi-homebrew setting as this The Land of Kinelthen. It was essentially a heavily customized Rise of the RuneLords campaign (we were all new to Pathfinder and needed some training wheels). House rules favor character customization and role playing, but are fairly straight forward (and up for negotiation). Ideally we'd be looking for three more players (though 2-4 is entirely doable as well!).

New through veteran players are welcome and we do our best to ensure that there is something enjoyable for everyone both immersive and casual.

Meeting times would be flexible though weekend evenings would work best. We're kind of in the middle of nowhere, close to Covington, McDonough, Conyers. We have a large library of gaming books and materials (hello new Dwarven Forge terrain pieces!) and are happy to help with stuff like that. On a related note anyone interested in painting miniatures and what not pull up a chair because there are projects galore.

If you have room for two in your own group we'd love to join (my husband gets burnt out upon occasion always being the DM/Storyteller). Though we haven't played any other systems lately we're quick to pick things up and would do our best to make things go smoothly.

We won't actually be IN Georgia until the first of July but considering how these things can take time to organize and what not I thought it best to get started early. If you're reading this message then we're still looking for players/to play. I'll do my best to keep this updated as things change. Worst case scenario it gets no replies for a very long time and I forget I posted it and then receive an e-mail notification at some point down the road!

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2015-07-28 17:02:06

Hey there! Still looking? I'm currently trying to put together a 5e campaign and we're looking for 1-3 more players (you two would make it a 5 person party + DM. The DM isn't set yet, but one of our guys is more than willing to DM if no one else super wants to (He has DM'ed once before and really enjoyed it, but is happy to let someone else with more experience/ more desire to do so take on the role)

Here's the catch, we're on the north side of town. My roommate and I are in Chamblee and the other two are in the southern Roswell/ Sandy Springs area. I know that would be a considerable drive for you guys, but maybe we can work out a carpool out to you/ we can alternate locations? (the other's would hopefully be on board to find a compromise if you were really interested)

2015-07-29 20:58:29

Doh, there's always a catch!

Chamblee is quite the drive for us to game (about an hour and twenty minutes assuming traffic is not atrocious). But not entirely out of the realm of possibility.

I'll have to talk things over with my male half and get back to you though. What days were you thinking about playing (it would have to be sometime on the weekends for us to make it in).

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