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2016-08-24 23:02:50

Recently I got into Critical Role and thus became interested in playing DnD. I made a character and convinced my boyfriend to do the same. He then asked his bestie to join us. The three of us are looking for an offline group interested in playing 5th ed DnD. We're all based in the northside of Chicago and looking specifically for a DM but also can fit in a few more peeps in as it's just the three of us so far. We're really eager to start and have fairly reasonable schedules. If you have any questions/comments, feel free to comment, message, or email me. (fullmetalellie@hotmail)

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2016-12-10 17:03:06

I'm also on the north side and looking for a game. I used to play a while ago but got interested in getting back in to 5e after watching Acquisitions Inc & Critical Role (Matt Mercr is the best!). Don't really want to DM full time, but would be ok with rotating DM's if that works for you guys. I have a whole bunch of the books and accessories so could contribute in that for sure. Let me know.

— Schaeff
Old school pen and paper gamer.
2017-03-28 02:45:14

Are you guys still looking for someone to run a game? I've been thinking of dipping my hat back into that area and running a 5E campaign in the NW chicago/suburbs area.

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