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2010-11-20 16:33:05

I am in the process of moving to the Boston area from D.C. I enjoy RPGs quite thoroughly, and am hoping to find a good group to hang out with. Some relevant information about me:

-I'm 31, married, have a job that's moving me here, and have excellent hygiene. That last point can be a rarity among gamers, so I'm including it just to get it out of the way, because hopefully you also care about that sort of thing and were going to find a way to politely ask if I stank in a way that liquifies metal (presumably you've been around gamers, so this is always a pretty vital question). I include my age and living situation just so you can get a sense of me. If your group is several 20 year olds, that's cool, sounds fun, just know I won't be able to pull the Thursday night 10:00 p.m. - 4:00 a.m. game, what with the job and all. Also, I'm married, so if there happens to be a girl in your group that dislikes new guys because they tend to be skeezy, desperate gamers that awkwardly hit on her, problem solved: married dude.

-I don't especially care about system. D&D (3.5, 4.0, whatever) is fine, any World of Darkness setting is fine, any number of more indie games like Unknown Armies is fine. I'm not especially picky about system, or setting... fantasy is cool, sci-fi can be good, modern setting is fun, whatever. What I DO care about is: a.) Long term character development for PCs and to a lesser extent NPCs; b.) A GM who puts some thought and care into a campaign; c.) Players who are fun to be around and not contentious jerks CONSTANTLY in game; and d.) Intriguing scenarios/moral areas that aren't black and white. If your game has that, I guarantee I will love it and will do my best to add to it. If a game is pure hack n' slash, chances are I won't be a good fit. I don't mind fights in games, there just has to be more substance to sink my teeth into that JUST fights.

If you have a roleplaying group and it seems like I'd be a good fit (or you are reading this and happen to know someone who roleplays who might think I'm a good fit), please contact me! Thanks!

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