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2014-07-03 17:04:39

Good Afternoon, I come to speak to my Fellow Sedalians and those residing in or around Pettis County. A group of us have decided to reinvigorate the gaming community in our area. Twice a month we plan on getting together talking games and discussing campaign Ideas. That is when we are not meeting to conquer evil and save the world. We stick with mostly 3.5 and possibly pathfinder. And some of our group is very fond of first and second edition. We are even debating checking out 5th Edition that is releasing soon. We know there are other tabletop gamers out there and we know there are those interested but not sure where to stat. So we have created this group to give everyone a place to meet, get to know one another and have a good time. As we grow so will the rewards of being a member. With that said I hope that if you are in our area you will join us. We just want to see the gamers of the area unite and bring life back into our gaming community. We have many experienced DM's (Myself not included in that. I'm still new so I will never claim to know what I'm doing when running a game as I never have. We learn from our mistakes after all) We currently are preparing for our first campaign to be played at either Game Zone Comics and Games or at the DM's home. Hope to hear from you soon Disclaimer: This will be, for the most part, a Face to Face group. Roll 20 will only be used in times of dire need. So be prepared to travel if you are not in the immediate local area. Carodwen Organizer for [url=]Sedalia/Pettis County Tabletop Community[/url]

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