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2013-07-19 14:34:59

I know Blood Bowl to most people is a thing of the past, however I thought the same thing. Until of course I started playing the Video Game. I enjoy it so much that I decided to get the board game as well as over 12 teams. If you are not familiar with Blood Bowl its a great game that most people don't know much about. It's truly Fantasy Football. When I original saw the game my first impression was it looked stupid, but until I really gave it a try I truly enjoy the strategy of the game and it gives you a mix of Football/Fantasy and RPG elements. I was looking to see if I could stir some interest and get a group up and going. You can download the game rules for free from GW's website. Some teams are still for sale on their site, but there are many other companies that support the game and make figures and accessories for the game. Plus ebay is another great option. You can find great podcasts on itunes or the web 3 major podcasts on the game are 3DieBlock, Both Down and Zlurpcast

This game has actually picked up a lot of following over the past 3 years since the game came out on the PC and Xbox. I enjoy playing the video game, but would prefer to play the board game. Let me know if you are interested or have more questions about the game. I also have a Warhammer Army and a Hordes Trollblood Army both in which I haven't even played a game yet..... so if Blood Bowl doesn't work out I still have slight interest in playing Warhammer Fantasy or Hordes.

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