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GURPS. Check profile for more info.
2009-03-30 18:50:30

Hey, who runs with a group that plays GURPS either as their main game or as one among many? I'm interested to find out.

We pretty much exclusively play GURPS because the guys who run the games (myself and one other) know the system and feel comfortable running it. I like it the most because, while not perfect, it's just one system that I can run any kind of game with, from black ops to zombie invasions.

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Running with scissors for the gold
2009-03-31 21:29:45

Lately I've been switching over to GURPS as a go-to system for convention games. The basic mechanics are straightforward enough -- 3d6, the lower the better, except when hurting things -- that I think it's great for newcomers to the system.

Over 25 years of gaming and still going strong!
2014-06-28 08:16:55

I've been using GURPS as my main system for years. It is not the one-and-only, but I have so many supplements for it, its too easy to start new campaign with it. Running loooooong space campaign and spec ops adventure at the moment, but who knows what future brings. I'd like to test them all, but over 150 third edition supplements might be a bit too much for my life time.

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