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2018-08-06 12:12:19

I'm hoping to find a casual, regular, monthly DnD 5th game willing to accept a new player or two. Due to the constraints of "The Real Life (tm)" I can't commit to much more than that, and I have a buddy who is also interested.

I'm 44. Gaming is one small part of an otherwise busy life. I haven't played much as a player for the past 25+ years, but I've DM'd regularly during that time (all the way back to 2nd edition.) As a player, I'd describe myself as DM friendly (I don't play orphans, haha) and squarely in the middle of the Roleplay/Rollplay scale. I'm not a character actor and have no interest in the research aspect of min/maxing, but I am interested in driving the story and I do want to be functional in the group. I'm happy to make Monty Python jokes on occasion, but would prefer to actually be playing as much as possible. My buddy falls along the same lines though is perhaps a little more crunchy than I am.

So if you have a local game which could use a new couple of players once a month, comment or message me on FB at I'm happy to get together for the obligatory "Is he a creeper?" coffee or beer. I assure you I'm not a creeper, but I also understand that is exactly what a creeper would say!

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