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Robert of Rob's World! 3e D&D Campaign
2020-10-12 23:24:02

Name: Rob's World! - My name is 'Robert or Rob' Availability to Host Campaigns: Currently hosting a campaign Contact Information: email is best - gamers [at] robsworld [dot] org Posting/Gaming Frequency: We play for ~6 hours every other Saturday. Systems You Run: I am running a 3.5e D&D campaign - with house rules Campaign Types: I like a mix of role-play and technical/roll-play. I try to involve players in their character back story and play unique/interesting NPCs. The game has some humor/basic comic relief and there's occasional adult content (it's not X rated). As of Aug, 2019 we've reset to 1st level again (currently at 2nd level). I prefer the lower level adventuring, where its more about story and setting, vs high level adventuring where PC egos have ballooned into power-gaming fiascos. There's a fair amount of magic, but characters can't typically buy magic items. No evil PCs or evil play is permitted. Preferred Settings: Forgotten Realms, Greyhawk, etc. My campaign is primarily Forgotten Realms, with other continents being Greyhawk, Maztica and other settings. The region of Sembia has been highly developed for use in our campaign. General Style: I definitely strive to run a balanced campaign. I don't like it when one PC runs away with power and overwhelms the other PCs. I have rules for characters leveling-up. The campaign has a very long arc, we don't advance (levels) after every gaming session. It typically takes more than a year of play time to complete an adventure. I want everyone to have fun and get their chance to shine/role-play and contribute. I don't appreciate power-gamers who are looking to undermine the campaign and subjugate the other PCs. I enjoy PCs who explore, ask questions, and strive to be heroes. We are currently playing online (using Roll20 and Discord) due to COVID-19, but we hope to move back to F2F play as soon as possible. See my website: Rob's World! D&D Campaign for more information/details about our campaign

— Robert of Rob's World! 3e D&D Campaign

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