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2016-06-21 15:28:53

I'm looking to get a DnD v5 game started. Anyone game?

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2016-08-17 07:36:48

Hello, I will be moving to the south houston/pasadena area and am looking for a d&d group to join to play with. I am fairly new to the game but alwatys ahve a good time when i do play

2016-09-06 13:29:35

I live in the Katy area and I have been searching for a DND party myself. I am not familiar with 5e yet, but am VERY familiar with 4e and own most material involved with it.

2018-08-11 02:37:33

Hi. I live on the edge of Houston and am familiar with v5. I am somewhat new to the game, but have a pretty good understanding with two campaigns completed.

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