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whenever someone farts, a demon gets it's wings.
2008-04-06 21:02:04

looking to either join an existing game or to gm one myself.

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2008-04-07 21:16:15


I'd be interested in running a C&C game BUT I live in Staten Island and my group is out here. If you're still interested get back to me and maybe we can get a game going.

In the meanwhile, feel free to check out my houseruled C&C doc at:

It's in the "Houserules & CK Materials" section.


whenever someone farts, a demon gets it's wings.
2008-04-07 23:49:18

send a response, hopefully you got it. if not, am more than interested in joining your game. question- do you live near or short distance from bus? if not probably would not be able to join as i don't drive.

2008-04-08 13:02:14

I have one player who comes in from Queens and I pick him up at the Staten Island Ferry every week. If you two made the same boat I could easily pick you both up. Otherwise, I live right along a bus route and not too far from the Ferry.

whenever someone farts, a demon gets it's wings.
2008-04-08 20:34:21

cool. just let me know when and what time you play. my email address is just drop me a line there and i'll give you my cell #. hope to hear from you soon.

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