Anybody plaing RPGs in Downtown Seattle

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Player and/or DM needs fun
2012-01-09 06:40:24

I'm looking for a gaming group in the Downtown Seattle/Belltown area. I can DM a 4th Ed D&D game and I'm willing to give almost any RPG a go if someone is up to GMing it. I'm especially interested in playing the Dresden Files.

My profile here is GryphonSkull.

Hope to talk to you soon.

PS Please pardon the typo.

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D&D player!
2012-01-13 23:15:30

I'm also in Belltown, if our schedules can match, I'd be down.

ST looking for players for ongoing MET game
2012-01-14 02:34:17

I'm up in Fremont, right off the 358 line. I'm interested in running Rogue Trader (think Battlestar Galactica meets Alien meets Firefly meets whatever-Han-Solo-was-doing-before-A-New-Hope), but would be down to roll some dice for just about whatever

Looking for Group!
2012-02-23 20:51:52

I am also interested in this, if anyone is still looking

2012-02-29 01:59:54

I'd be willing to run a lot of things! I have a soft spot for Exalted, but I also like Dresden Files and most other FATE games as well, and have some experience running them. I prefer to run, rather than play, and am willing to head to downtown Seattle for some gaming.

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