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Indie RPGer and Board Wargamer.
2007-07-19 12:38:19

Hi all, Just to let you know that myself and a few friends have come together to start a new online community for the Nerds of London. Do you like playing games? be it Roleplaying, boardgaming, computer or console gaming? Do you enjoy Sci-Fi and Fantasy novels or movies? Do you get all sweaty and start hyperventilating at the thought of rebuilding your PC? well, if so it sounds like you're a Nerd! That's not a bad thing! Embrace it! NerdLDN is a free, non-profit, online forum based community aimed at helping London's Nerds get to know each other, make new friends, get together and generally chat about the things that interest us as self-confessed nerds. Come over, pop in, say hi and embrace your inner nerd!

We also see ourselves as a site to promote clubs, groups and ventures such as NearbyGamers and would therefore like to post a link to NearbyGamers on the NerdLDN site if that's ok? John

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The gamer that runs this site
2007-07-19 18:37:49

Yeah, of course, I welcome links to NearbyGamers from anywhere. Best of luck with your site.

Because I'm Snarky...
2007-07-19 21:45:37

Try this link You didn't prefix yours with a http, so it tries to serve it off of Harkins domain.

Indie RPGer and Board Wargamer.
2007-07-20 11:34:28

Thanks guys, We'll put up the link shortly (once our techy guy feels better). John

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