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Will travel for fun
2016-09-24 01:31:10

My friend and I are looking for some gamers to start a group in NW Las Vegas. We are pretty flexible with the game, though we are interested in the FATE system currently, but not married to it. We usually like to play every other week but sometimes play for weeks in a row. If you are interested contact me.

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Let's Roll!
2016-09-24 08:47:15

I absolutely love FATE! I would definitely be interested, but my schedule it's pretty limited. What days and times are you guys available?

2017-10-25 04:20:59

I'd love to try Fate. I've read the PDF a few times. Do you have any set day and time you play?

2019-09-05 11:41:08

I know that this post is like 100 years old, but are you still looking for others? I'm an old hat at running FATE.

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