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New Player. Looking for DND or Pathfinder
2016-12-20 20:12:00

Hello! Name's Kasa, tho I go by Queenie online! I'm a new player looking for a group to play either DND (any version I guess?) or Pathfinder with in Denton.

I've never played before so I don't have a preference for certain games or campaigns, but I will say I do want something that's... sort of casual high fantasy with a group that meets in person in Denton? Preferably with people around my age and a group that has at least one or two other girls. (So, 20 - 30-ish age range, either all female or a mixed group?)

Since I've never played before I don't want a session that's too heavy on either the combat or RPG aspects, but rather one that's... pretty balanced?

I don't work a normal job or go to school since I'm a freelance artist, so time of day and week doesn't really matter to me. I'd definitely prefer meeting between 4 and 7pm though so I can make sure I'm home by no later than 11 at night on game night?

I'll need help building a character sheet, but I have a character in mind that I'd like to play!! Her name is Frieda and prior to going adventuring she was a performer who did Strong Man/Strong Woman shows with her twin brother and a goat farmer. She's 33, 6' 2", and weighs in at a measly 315lbs. Probably either a Barbarian or a Fighter??

um!! i'm rambling sorry im so new to this i don't know what i'm coing

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