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2008-06-05 00:11:59

I am a 40-yr-old mostly-inactive gamer who is interested in giving the new D&D a try as a player. Fairly reliable, well-mannered, takes the game seriously but not *too* seriously. Love the over-the-top drama and flash, plus a good hard fight. Have plenty of experience, but less time and energy than I used to, and I'm pickier about my fun.

I suspect there might be one or two DMs out there who're looking for some guinea pigs, and I say "ooooiiink! ooooiiink!"

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2008-06-05 03:36:06

I actually have a quired the 3 core books and have begun to read through them. I am a veteran DM being playing and DMing since 2nd edition. A few of my players are worried about the new rule step up and system but i'm optimistic.

If you would be interested in getting the 4th edition set of books in PDF format than I would be happy to share them. Send me a message and I can later send the PDF via AIM or YIM.

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