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Looking to run Amber, recently from the east coast
2017-10-22 06:27:29

Hello Phoenix Valley, My wife and I moved from Connecticut to the Phoenix Metro Area (Laveen) August 2017, and now that tings are settling, I would like to start a game. I’m free on the weekends when not at work and was looking to start a face to face Amber Diceless RPG Saturdays afternoons to evenings. I’m building a fresh game with all new characters but the concept should be something players are familiar with and love to play. If you read the novels by Roger Zelazny great and if you haven’t, don’t worry about it, the game plays the same either way. What I bring the core books Amber DRPG Core Rule Book and Shadow Knight, the Complete Amber Source book, and Roger Zelazny's Visual Guide to Castle Amber all in print; in digital I’ve also got some errata, character sheets, the AmberZine issues 1-4 and 12-15 along with copies of the core game book and supplement. A table at my house with enough room for 8 in a space with central air that’s available from noon to midnight and three cats that may warm up to you if you ignore them. What I'm looking for; mature players that can commit to a game whatever schedule will be decided, unique characters ones you as a player like playing, if you have artistic talents please use them to gain character rewards. I need story players with characters that get out there and get involved in the game the world and the other characters, it's not just about the powers or the rules. If you were reading your characters life story, would it be a page turner or just another text of someone who lived from x/x date to x/x date. Anyone can hide in a shell but, who wants to play that game of hide and seek. Be bold, curious, even a little reckless. A basic Amber player character comes with the stats/skills to back up bragging rights in almost any circle, excluding interactions with other members of the Blood of Amber a win is ALMOST assured. So challenge is something your character may look for. Now if hiding and paranoia is your thing, well then so might the Courts of Chaos be. Now understand Amber is a wide open story-verse calling for the effort by the players and playing a member of the Courts can work and may be just the thing for a new to amber player but, it will call for a much more dynamic story background which and I can work with anyone who wants to do so. Be aware any player character from the Courts of Chaos will have the blood of amber in them still (whether they know of it or not). Whatever the case may be, they will be a leader. Be it in a rock band, politics, military or criminal organization. Think of that one person you grew up with that things just seemed to go their way captain of whatever team “A” student, popular, smart, attractive, almost coasting through life, (in reality they were stressed, over achievers with a bone deep fear of rejection and failure always hanging over head). Where would they find challenges in life, and what if that life were 1 or 2 millennia with no ill effects instead of getting older they get better? Think of the upbringing that needed to deal with that person and how they would effect it and it them. Your character can come from any world story or background; Mythology to Sci-fi, Jedi to Bard, Demi-god to cyber-punk or that special mix. It is all yours to choose, and the age, gender, appearance, and skill sets of your character. A few things, ancient characters i.e. 20k+ come from the reigns near Chaos the time flow is fast enough to accommodate that. The story will start 2 years before the first book. Characters are 150-point base with advancement between 75-100 points per game year. I want to have at least six players to start with that may be the max it depends on the dynamics involved. New players are welcome, amber does not use dice it’s about story, character and conflict; I believe it is something anyone can grasp especially people new to RPGs.

If all of this is something that interest you lets start talking and get to know one another. I'll be checking back on here periodically (most likely daily) to check feedback and answer questions if any. Later -Nick

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Looking for occasional, rules-light dramatic game
2017-10-27 03:21:30

Hi, this site is giving me lots of bugs and broken links. So email me murray (at) campobianco (dot) com and we can talk Amber FTF games! Cheers

Looking to run Amber, recently from the east coast
2017-10-29 19:08:25

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campobianco 2017-10-27 03:21:30

Hi, this site is giving me lots of bugs and broken links. So email me murray (at) campobianco (dot) com and we can talk Amber FTF games! Cheers

Hello Murray, My name is Nukilwa, my friends call me Nick. I got your message and I'm sending you this email so that we can better converse. I think it's important that we need to establish a good idea of gaming styles. It's also important that we know each other as people and not just player and GM. So you accepted my invitation so I'll start things off by sharing.

I was born and raised in Connecticut. I went to college in Connecticut and California but I never finished at either school. This is my third time living in Arizona (everyone loves a trilogy). I first came out here in 2003, I was on my way to California and the hot desert was just meant to be a check point in my world tour, but I never quite made it. I stayed here with friends and started helping them with their business. That is when I met the woman who would one day become my wife. The second time I came out I hung around for a few years working at Go daddy and got married. We went back to the East Coast with and after experiencing life in D.C. and Connecticut we decided that the desert was for us. So here we are our third trip out another new beginning (the places called Phoenix after all). I’m a sci-fi tech gadget computer geek, not quite a nerd (A nerd would’ve finished college, and I still might someday). I like nice long gaming sessions with my friends, weekends in front of a computer screen, and my three cats. My particular geek thing is people watching observing behaviors interactions reactions is probably one of the main reasons why I like gaming so much. I've played a few games in the past going in chronological order; Robotech Southern Cross, Star Wars D6 by West End games, forgotten realms D&D, Teenagers from outer space, Dr. Who, Star Trek the next generation, Robotech, Ninjas and Superspies, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Marvel superheroes, DC heroes, Rifts, Star Wars D20, Amber diceless, Vampire the masquerade, Mummy the damned, Mage the ascension, Werewolf the apocalypse, Shadow knight, Wraith the oblivion, world of darkness dark ages, Boot Hill, advanced Dungeons & Dragons 3.5, Robotech Macross, In Nomine, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and probably a few others that I'm sure I'm forgetting. And from that collection you may have gathered that I like to play a; 19-year-old vampire half elf fighter pilot sword wielding mage bard with no name in a mask & cloak, no capes!

I’m also a movies and TV fan my watch list consists of; Mr. Robot, the Blacklist, Stargate SG-1, Star Wars rebels, the Orville, Arrow, Flash, Dragon Ball super, Lucifer, the Gifted, Ash vs Evil Dead, Rick and Morty, Gotham, Designated survivor, Naruto, Bleach, Tri-gun, Supernatural, Lost (the first three seasons), Dr. Who, the 4400, American gods, Archer, Attack on Titan, Being human (the BBC version), Better call Saul, Bo Jack Horsman, the Boondocks, Cowboy bebop, Dark Angel, the Expanse, Farscape, Firefly, Stranger Things, Sherlock, Game of Thrones (the rise of Arya), Jericho, I zombie, It’s always sunny in Philadelphia, John Doe, and Westworld, to mention a few. As far as movies go as you can see I tend towards strange fantasy and sci-fi but I’ve seen a lot of movies. Writers; Jim Butcher, George RR Martin, Rogers Zelazny, Eoin Colfer, Drew Hayes, L. E. Modesitt Jr., Karl Edward Wagner, Brandon Mull, Neil Gaiman, Brandon Sanderson, Douglas Adams, and Elliott Kay.

I've been playing RPG's since 1986, I've G/DM games since 1990. All the games that I've mentioned are games that I have played as well as run. When I run games perhaps the biggest frustration that I have is when the players are not taking advantage of the world. Now in some games it's very difficult to take advantage of the environment, but in Amber it is very easy to do. So probably some of my best game mastering experiences have been with Amber. The players seem to feel freer to make themselves at home. True the system does lend itself towards a player's creativity and ability to come up with things on the spot but it also lends itself towards planning and strategy. Something I've noticed in games that I play and run is that they often turn into either the players against the GM, or players against players backstabbing one another, and to an extent that can be entertaining but after a while it just gets old and bitter. I’ve found the best games are the ones where there is some scheming and plotting but everybody's still trying to make the story flow and advance the plot. Yes you have your frustrations you have your struggles, but then you also have your achievements and your wins made all the better by the efforts put forth. A lot of people get upset about not being able to get all the playtime that their character deserves, or that they feel their character deserves. But sometimes a good story, a good game is made up of a lot of little parts being played by everybody, and when there are those times when it's just one or two characters in the spotlight; it's often a matter of just having the patient's to let the story grow planning your time to shine, but also provide something to work with seeds. Character details, a history or even a timeline, background, or resume, police sketches small stories, any little detail that can be added helps with painting the picture for your character. It's one of the things that I encourage in the games that I run. I also like a good character arc I'm going to come up with a story and the plot and a theme and the world; but every character every player is going to shape their part of it add their corner of things. Now don't get me wrong I don't expect people to be Jim Butcher, George RR Martin, or Roger Zelazny I just want some effort on the part of the players. In my games effort gets REWARDS. Well that’s a little about me. Hope I haven’t scared you off. What about you? -Nick T

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