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Player LFG: World of Darkness, Dresden Files
2012-05-27 07:02:39

New player looking for a group; I have Revised and 20th Anniversary editions of the game (preference to the newer edition). GM's or other players, feel free to contact!

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Give me gaming!
2014-01-21 02:24:14

I'm also newish to NY and looking for a gaming group. I can GM or play in a number of systems and settings, and will write a new game if requested. I have a game pretty much done in a pulp/action story set in the 1920s and written using White Wolf's Adventure! system and based in the setting but differing in most details.

I'm pretty interested in the Fate systems right now, and would like to play or run that system as well. I could transfer my pulp game relatively easily to Spirit of the Century.

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