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2015-09-12 03:54:05

Starting Pathfinder Jade Regent Adventure Path on 27 September 2015 We're a group that has been playing about a year. We're all adults, and due to job changes, we've lost a few players. We decided that the beginning of the adventure path would be a good time to add the players we've lost.

We do have some house rules for character creation and for awarding role play.

We are alternating between Reign of Winter and Jade Regent. We are currently on the 2nd module of Reign of Winter. We play 4 weeks in each adventure path, then switch DM, characters and AP for the other.

The plan is to finish both AP then start a Homebrew Campaign, probably alternating with the other DM running another AP.

Our group has hit a high "R" rating on occasion, but so far no NC-17.

We play on Sunday nights from 6pm til about 9 or 10.

Respond here or drop an email to

Thanks! Kitty

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