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Let's Roll!
2016-09-21 19:44:25

I'm looking for 3 to 5 players who want to start a group on Tuesday nights in Henderson, with myself as the GM. I am thinking Feng Shui atm (because it is one of my favorite systems ever), but am not totally set on it. I am completely burnt out on D&D, and do not wish to play it at all (sorry about that), but otherwise am open to many systems. My favorites are the more narrative types, like FATE, Call of Cthulu, and Savage Worlds. If your interested, let me know. And remember to observe Wheaton's Law.

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2017-10-25 04:25:00

Do you have any game nights set up now?

Live Long and Prosper
2018-01-02 04:00:11

Same question as above. I'm looking for an active group of fun & friendly gamers. Henderson isn't somewhere I've been to besides a few times, but, I'll try almost any game any where if it is fun.

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