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2016-03-31 03:02:41

If you are based in my area and your tags match mine, I will contact you, I offer my services as a G.M.. I've ran many games over the decades and am itching to get back into an rpg group after a 5 year hiatus. I wish to run "Barbarians of Lemuria", a Sword & Sorcery rpg that's very quick to learn, easy and fun to play, set on a pseudo-prehistoric world with civilizations bordering on medieval and a "Sword & Planet" concept. Players use two, maybe three 6 sided dice. I tend to not use battlemats and miniatures, and this system encourages more of a free-style mode of play. The first adventure will be a bit on the railroad side, but after that, players are encouraged to take the game where they like. If you read this before I send out my contacts and are interested, go ahead and leave a message.

— -B

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2016-04-07 23:12:27

oops .. not in my area .. sorry

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