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2019-12-14 00:06:57

I'm running an OD&D engine (SWORD & SPELL) with some local flavor. I'm putting together a roster of ~10-15 players to be able to put together adventuring parties of 3-9 players for 2-4 hrs a session. The same 3-9 players would likely not play together all the time. It would be a general call to folks whose availability overlap, and if 3+ players raise their hand, that's the adventuring party for the evening.

More here:

Date & Time: Variable 2-to-4 times a week, 7 pm - 10 pm CDT (GMT/UTC -5). System: 1974 OD&D variant called SWORD & SPELL. Platform(s): Discord (talk) Pitch: We have an evolving group using an OSR clone: SWORD & SPELL. It's built from the original 1974 DUNGEONS & DRAGONS game, with some variation. The WORLD of HARKANGRAF CAMPAIGN is a sandbox, open session style of play, in which players sign up to play at any available time slot and bring their character of choice to the [online] table. Some have referred to it as a West Marches style of game.

Truly old school. • ⁠West Marches style play • ⁠map the dungeon • ⁠sandbox • loot = XP • ⁠dungeon-driven story lines • ⁠characters will die (especially if you like combat) • ⁠player skill is more important than character skill

Experienced players have found more pleasure from the game than newcomers. Looking to accommodate up to 10-15 players.

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