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2011-03-27 23:42:11

I've got a chance to do some weekly gaming in April-May, on Tuesday evenings, roughly 7-9 or so, so I thought I'd see if I could organize some play of older/lesser-known games that I've been wanting to try. The venue will be Endgame Oakland.

Talislanta (3e preferred); you can find a legal repository of the rules at

The Arcanum/Atlantis Trilogy

Shades of Fantasy

High Fantasy

Under the Moons of Zoon; free PDF at

The Fantasy Trip; you'll find a near-clone of the system at )

Crimson Cutlass

Several of these games are classics and all are easy to learn and full of style. The first three are similar to classic D&D in terms of mechanics, with flavorful nonstandard fantasy settings. High Fantasy is an unusual old-school system with several interesting published adventures. Under the Moons of Zoon is a science fantasy/planetary romance game. TFT is the ancestor of GURPS, but far simpler (no advantages/disadvantages, very little points-grinding). Crimson Cutlass is 16th-18th century swashbuckling (pirates, mercenaries, conquistadors, adventurers), using a radical system involving Tarot cards to guide the course of play.

Game style: depending on group preferences, I may use Mythic Game Master Emulator as an adjunct to play. Mythic provides a framework for improvisation and/or incorporating player ideas into the flow of the scenario. Basically it can be used as anything from a GM-tool for coming up with ideas on the fly (which makes it easier to give players free rein), to a group-tool for collaborative storytelling. Generally, I can do anything from a series of one-shots (probably two sessions per adventure, using pregenerated characters to save time), to more extended play.

If you're interested, drop me a line via PM or post to this thread over at the Endgame forum.

I'm also game for a meet/greet session on Tuesday, March 29.

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