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NearbyGamers General
2008-11-03 08:27:34

Hey hey. I saw another thread on this topic, but I missed the deadline to comment on it by, like, three months, so I thought I'd start another.

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Long time gamer
2009-01-07 15:33:57

While I'm not technically in the OC, I'm very close in Whittier. While I've played in Indy games at various Strategicons, I haven't really heard of any ongoing Indy games in the area. Maybe everybody is experimental at the cons, but conservative in their home games???

2009-01-08 00:58:55

I haven't really played many indie games, but I'd be happy to try. Anyone with interest in running sessions at, say, Dice House, The Realm, or Dear Mr. Fantazy?

Dnd, Comic Book nerd
2009-02-23 00:16:35

im in Costa Mesa and sort of new to rpgs but am always willing to try something new. we could form a group? a friend of mine also might be interested in joining.

2009-06-30 06:57:51

I live in Fullerton. I play indie games pretty much exclusively. Current favorites include Sorcerer, My Life with Master and Dogs in the Vineyard. I play many, many more.

I moved down here about a year ago and still play with my old friends from the wider L.A. area. However, I'm very interested in meeting more local OC oriented gaming crowd and introducing more people to these under-the-radar games.

I would gladly meet up with people at Dicehouse games or anywhere else.


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