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2011-07-29 09:43:46


We are looking to find a local group to play Pathfinder with, but most systems will be considered.

We are relatively new to the whole Roleplay experience but have met some great people so far and are keen to get some more games in!

We have space at ours to host, or are happy to travel locally, but will have to bring our two kids with us.

Look forward to hearing from some of y'all!

Rob & Kat

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2014-04-10 08:23:21


I been looking for a while at getting into role playing games, but didn't think I'd find anything local. I live in Corby, do you guys have anything up and running at present, or are you looking to start anything?

Cheers Simon

2015-06-01 23:04:45

hey, im also looking for a group nearby, or to form one, d&d 4th edition is my strong point but i can learn others :)

Berttheduck, looking for RPG games to play or host
2015-09-08 10:13:51


I only recently found this website and was very surprised to find gamers in Corby. Are you guys playing currently?



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