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Looking for a new player!
2010-08-02 15:51:03

Okay, so I swear to you, this is not a creepy singles ad substitute. Promise. REALLY. If this thread has violated any rules, please lock it and delete it immediately…I double checked the rules to make sure I was not in violation

We just lost a player at our table and because my group likes to have a larger number of players in general, we’re seeking a replacement. Our resident female player has stamped her foot down and would dearly like another female dice-hound to join us, a sentiment that has been echoed around the table. Me, I don’t care, but I thought I’d give it a shot and see if I couldn’t help them out via the magic of the internet!

Here’s the skinny of the group:

We are a group of 5-8 players (varies, due to work schedules) that meets every Wednesday. We meet around 6:30 and play till 3am usually (long time, I know, but we have a few members that show up for the early half of a session and then go, which is why we have multiple games). We are fairly easy going and joke around a lot. Most of the group has known each other for years. I’m the newest member (yet somehow the DM that runs the most…huh…).

The group consists of mostly men, with one woman. We play in Long Island, near the Stewart Manor stop on the LIRR. We play at the home of our two most consistent players and they are quite gracious hosts (one of them being the sole woman in the group).

We like to roleplay, though there is some rollplay going on (and I admit, that’s mostly on my part, as I’m an optimizer at heart). As far as “optimizing� is concerned, I’m the only person at the table with a solid knowledge of what that entails and I keep it down to a minimum. We’re fairly easygoing and as long as you pull your weight in one way or another, we’re happy to have you.

Currently our most commonly played games are:

D&D 3.5 (Run by another DM) D&D 3.5 (Run by me) D&D 4.0 (Run by me) oWoD Mage (Run by another DM, and very infrequently)

There are other games on the table, but the likelihood of them cropping up is low. The majority of those are D&D 3.5. One of our players is very interested in figuring out 4.0 so another 4.0 campaign might be getting started. Currently, my 4.0 is in high demand so it is most often in the rotation. I think I do a pretty decent job with it, so even if you hate 4.0, you might have fun.


I won’t be handing out too many personal details, but just in general, we’re a group of friends that love to play. I admit there’s a lot of messing around pre-game time and often we don’t buckle down and start till 7:30 or 8pm when things get crazy or we’re waiting for a last member to show up. There’s a fair amount of munchkin that comes out if we’re missing too many people or we just…feel like it. If you’re impatient to get right to the gaming, that might not happen, but the way there can be pretty fun. Turns can take a long time in combat, since people like to think, and naturally we have a couple scene hogs, but they usually get their moments quickly and out of the way. Overall, we are a friendly, accepting bunch of extreme nerds.

Also, we have PIZZA!

If you’re interested, please drop me a message.

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2013-03-10 14:31:47

It sucks you are only looking for female gamers. I would love to join. My girlfriend plays as well but her hands are tied during the college semester. She kind of has a bad schedule and only has Tuesdays, Fridays off between work and stuff. I am very experienced and she is learning to come out of her shell. I play 3.5 and 4e.

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