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2008-08-31 01:02:31

I'm a longtime gamer with experience in many games, but mostly in old World of Darkness. I am loosing my current gaming group due to half of them leaving work elsewhere and I'm growing desperate for any kind of RPG action.

I'm hoping to find an active game in my area that I could join.

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2010-05-03 21:34:47

Where are you located. I only ask because I'm not able to see the map with crappy phone internet. Unfortunately its the only internet I have

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2010-05-03 23:04:33

Welcome Scarecrow,

Chainsaw, he looks to be around Brunswick, Maine

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2010-05-04 06:35:40

If you're interested, i have a group of Call of Cthulhu running monday nights over skype. There's 3 of us at the moment and we're about to start a new mod so if you want it'd be really easy to integrate you into the storyline. Also i'm trying to start up a group for Hunter, in the new world of darkness system. Any interest?

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