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Always up for a great game :)
2010-04-11 12:38:54

We appear to have two tags for the Dresden Files - both 'Dresden Files' and 'Dresden Files RPG' appear to be in use. How do we get one to redirect to the other (like SotC redirects to Spirit of the Century)

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The gamer that runs this site
2010-04-11 18:06:03

Just hit the edit button in the upper-right on the page you want to redirect. I'd do it for you but I only hvae a few minutes of connectivity, am traveling. I'll get tomorrow if nobody does in the next few hours.

2010-04-12 08:51:05

Fixed it for you.

The gamer that runs this site
2010-04-12 12:27:05

Thanks, Gravedigger.

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