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Let's play some games
2010-03-02 04:28:29

Hey, all

I'm an avid fan of strategic boardgames such as Settlers of Catan, Carcassone, Puerto Rico,Talisman, etc. The missus and I are always looking for people to play with, so I thought I'd throw an invitation out there. We're looking for folks who enjoy these sorts of games. If you're looking for someone new to play with or would be interested in an regular or semi-regular game night, drop us a line. We can usually host games in our home (no kids, but we have three cats) and are also willing to travel reasonable distances to play. I know some other potential gamers who are waiting for something like this as well. You can contact me at mcwiegATgmailDOTcom



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My profile lists some of my gaming, your invited!
2010-04-04 16:20:08

Hey Ryan!

The Game Shoppe has a boardgame night on every 3rd Friday night. Really I think there is an impromptu one almost every Friday night. I plan on going on the 16th.

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