I need new folks to roll dice with...

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2011-07-23 15:44:04

My face to face group has scattered to the four winds, and then as if that wasn't enough life (incompatible schedules, child rearing, saving the world, and school) has squashed our ability to use the web to continue our game.

These days I am interested in Fate based systems, scifi in general, Reign, maybe something Burning Wheel based, and campaigns that are not primarily combat based.

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2012-06-07 03:31:36

We just moved into Bellingham (Whatcom Falls Park area), and would love to get together for some gaming. We have kids, so that is a factor. Plus she prefers fantasy. Me, I can go with just about anything. I tend to prefer the unique characters, and we both enjoy roleplaying and having fun over hack and slash, any day.

Let me know. :)


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