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Looking for 4 players who can commit to weekly games through at least May for a Sunday afternoon (2-6ish) Dungeons & Dragons 4th edition role-play/intrigue-heavy campaign starting at 3rd level taking place in Cornwall-on-Hudson, NY.

Campaign Info:

The Narbonne have occupied the port city of Marrakesh for more than a generation now, and tensions are running high as Queen Shar'azi al-Maghreb formally recognizes Lord Admiral Rainier Desmarins as her Chief Vizier. In the background, the cult of Ioun has gained considerable political clout, and rumors abound of a crown princess gone missing. The Merchant Prince Tariq threatens a boycott of Narbonnais goods just as a rash of bankruptcies hits the noble quarter, but the opium trade and Red Moon houses are as profitable as ever. Winds bring news from the south of a religious civil war in the Dragonlands, and the deserts themselves are coming alive as ifrits, djinni, and mirages walk among mortals. What path will our adventurers forge for themselves in a land rife with intrigue, treachery, and wonder?

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