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Bard, Dreamer, & RPG Enthusiast
2013-03-19 19:28:18

Experienced GM (30+ years) seeks fun-focused players who want to get involved in a longer-term campaign. Get in on the first sessions!

System: Mongoose Legend/RuneQuest 6e; classic fantasy system from the days of yore, using a d100 (%) roll under. Sometimes called Basic Roleplaying (BRP). It's similar to Call of Cthulu or Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay system-wise, with an incredible FUN combat maneuver system. Magic is very well done and super fun to play. Animists, Sorcerers, Theists, and Mystics! Lots of options without being overly complex.

Setting: Age of Treason: The Iron Simulcrum. Mix in two parts Rome, one part Byzantine empire, one part Egypt, two parts dark fantasy, and a smidge of steam/magic-punk and mix. Unique and interesting fantasy realm where your characters make their own fates!

Date/Time slot 1: SAT 6pm - 12am (the "longer" game) Date/Time slot 2: SUN 5pm - 9pm (the "shorter" game).

Slot 1 seats: 5 available! (total of 5 players) Slot 2 seats: 2 available! (total of 4 players)

Contact me ASAP if you're interested in a seat. I give new players a couple sessions for us to try each other out. Then we decide if we're a good fit. trechriron10 with the at and the yahoo plus a dot com. :-)

The game room is pet free, smoke free, and drama free. I allow electronic devices at the table as long as they don't distract (no ringers or beeps, no surfing the interwebs). Wi-fi available.

This is a BYOS (bring your own stuff) gaming experience. We don't provide food or beverages. Please bring snacks, drinks to sustain yourself.

I look forward to gaming with you!

— Bard, Dreamer & RPG Enthusiast

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