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2009-11-25 18:05:10

ZODIAC, Like Returners, is a Final Fantasy Tabletop RPG, but the differance is that Returners is more complex the ZODIAC. While many might like making task checks and such, ZODIAC makes the game run faster, and doesn't require over 400 pages worth of material to study. It's a bit math heavy, (not like scientific mathematics, but simpler Addition, Multiplication, and the rest of the elementary stuff) but it allows players to create their own spells, their own equipment, and their own relics. Monster creation is also simple, using the Tech Creation System as well as the special powers the Monster Creation system has as well. (plus Blue magic has it's own list, but the GM can create more if he likes). I have used this system for well over three years now, and i find it the best FF RPG out there. My campaigns run smoothly (that is, as smoothly as OpenRPG allows it.) and it's faster on the real life tabletop.

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This is just the beginning of a group, But I hope to make it larger. If you like Final Fantasy, You'll love ZODIAC.

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