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2015-08-31 16:34:06

Want to try something a little different? Join us for Trail of Cthulhu!

New group. New game. No prior experience required.

Trail of Cthulhu combines the pulp detective stories of Chandler and Hammett with the cosmic horror of Lovecraft. Imagine:

*The Maltese Falcon, where hard-boiled detective Sam Spade discovers that he is hunting an idol stolen from the village of Innsmouth. And the worshipers of Dagon are willing to kill to get it back!

*The Thin Man, where former police detective Nick Charles and his wife, socialite Nora, investigate the death of eccentric inventor Clyde Wynant. Little do they realize that Clyde’s latest invention allowed him to contact a murderous alien intelligence from beyond the stars!

*The Big Sleep, where P.I. Philip Marlowe discovers that wild child Carmen Sternwood has fallen in with murderous cannibal cultists preparing for the return of Great Cthulhu.

When? Character creation, game introduction, and abbreviated first session on Thursday evening September 24th, 7:30 - 10:30.

Where? Worcester, MA. Near the corner of Chandler Street and Park Street.

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