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2008-12-23 19:27:58

I am interested in play out the kobeashi marue but I done know which star trek move ment book to buy that has it in it. if it dont exsist yet I would like to have (a lot) of help to write it up with full details on ships wepons, movements for the Enterprize and 3 klingon byrd of prey and the cargo ship as well. off course the senerio that no-one can win, and then the senerio of the only one in star fleet to pass the no win senerio. I haved the minitures for the table top game. And I think I am the only one that has set up modle for a gym floor size game (to make it where moore people can watch) I do need any and all help from anyone that has an imput. Tracy

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Show me indie goodness
2008-12-24 18:11:21

It's "Kobayashi Maru", if that helps your search.

If you've got the miniatures game then just use the stats for a Constitution class ship for the Enterprise, and Klingon D5 battlecruisers.

Bear in mind though, that in the "real" test, if the Federation ship starts to win, the computer just sends more Klingon ships into the fray.

I'm not quite sure what your aims are here.

Everything new is old again.
2009-01-13 07:20:28

Right. The Kobayashi Maru scenario is a test of character more than anything else. It may test leadership qualities as well, and the handling of stress under overwhelming pressure, but as a no-win situation its main purpose is to measure how cadets handle failure. One could say that Kirk showed terrible character and massive ego by cheating his way through it. One could also say that he is a true leader who simply doesn't accept failure. It all depends on your point of view (as Obi-Wan might say, to mix metaphors...)

However, in considering playing this out in miniature, surely it would be an exercise in frustration on the Federation player's part, and lack of challenge on the Klingon player's part?

Battlestations on Facebook, Clan Heroes of the Sea
2009-03-25 11:42:58

of the only one in star fleet to pass the no win senerio

I heard that not only Kirk but Picard also cheated his way out of it. That may help you in your search considering you ought to have two different tv series to research and perhaps two different novels.

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