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2007-06-01 17:12:25

I would like to see gaming stores and similar things added to the map. I know of a few near me (the Strat, Neutral Ground), but I'm sure that there are some that I'm missing maybe out in Jersey or something

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2007-06-01 19:09:46

I second that motion and I'd like to give shout out to Time Warp Comics & Games in Cedar Grove, NJ.

A place were you can play a reasonably quiet pen & paper RPG without getting pushed out by war gamers or drowned out by amplified video games.

2007-06-01 20:04:32

Sounds great. Could even tag them according to the games they carry and people play there.

Lazy Gaming at its Best
2007-06-01 23:30:12

I think our dear site creator said that at one point he wanted to implement a specific tag or "user mode" so that Game Stores could join as users. The owners would then create an account specifically for their store.

In the meantime IMO we could take it upon ourselves to do so. My suggestion would be to create another account for the store and fill in all the info. Then in the Local Game Discussion area a post should be made with a list of the stores and their account info so we can edit the account as a community the same we would any other tag.

Then again, you could simply call the owners of Neutral Ground, The Compleat Stratagist, Kings Games, The Stand, Forbidden Planet, etc and make them aware of this site and have them do it themselves! And those are just the NYC stores i'm aware of.

Boardgames, Roleplaying, and Video games, oh my!
2007-06-05 15:46:37

I think it would be great if we could get the actual gaming stores on-board. It would really help this website get up to critical mass: if the store pimps the site (and why wouldn't they, as it would give them publicity in return), then we'd get more people on the site, who in turn would refer their friends...

I know many areas have lots of people, but where I'm living... it's pretty barren.

I do feel a bit uneasy about just filling in the information on the store myself, though. I could see the site becoming burdened with outdated information as the people who made the accounts don't bother to update them.

Maybe we could come up with local moderators--people who oversee all the stores in a given local area. They could see all the stores and edit their info when need be.

Of course, I don't think we should add stores until we have a way to differentiate them from people. It'd be frustrating to see a person near you only to click on them and discover that it's a store.

The gamer that runs this site
2007-06-08 06:22:44

Yeah, please don't create store accounts for stores. I know if I owned a store, I'd be real grumpy if any inaccurate information slipped in.

Yes, I do plan to add a login for stores to add themselves with a special icon to maps. I've been away from NG for a while and I'm dusting myself off and diving back in.

If anyone happens to know a graphic designer who could do some custom map icons, please contact me.

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