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2013-06-17 23:06:37

Hello Everyone,

I'm starting a AD&D campaign using 1st edition rules (old school I know) You don't have to live anywhere near me to play. You just have to make the commitment to a few posts per week.

Basically here's how it would work.

We get at least 3-6 players who all are willing to post at least twice a week. Ideally, we don't use email, but rather create a blog board page where the DM posts the scencario and the players post below as comments on that thread.

Players will roll up characters and send to the me along with perhaps a backstory on the character.

DM will send out a opening scenario and leave you with some decisions. Players make their moves and leave the DM with a handful of d20 rolls and damage rolls.

Example: DM: Your ranger's skills paid off and the 3 gnolls have no apparent recognition of your approach to their campsite. Player 1: Ranger: I'll charge the largest of the 3 gnolls by the fire with my 2-handed sword. My first 7 d20 rolls are (x, y, z, etc.) and damage if I hit would be (a, b, c, etc)

Player 2: Cleric: I'll drop a blindness spell on the archer sentry in the tree and then wade in with my mace (die rolls, etc)

Player 3: Thief: I'm going to toss a flask of oil on the campfire to startle the othe gnolls and then try to dispatch the blinded archer. DM's next post: The gnolls are caught by complete surprise as a flash of blinding light goes off along with a dwarven cry of "MORADIN". Up in the tree and the gnoll archer loses his balance as he clutches at his eyes and falls to the ground.

Before they can even register this, a second flash followed by an explosion of flames burst from the campfire as the thief's oil flask explodes on the stones. The ranger's sword misses badly and he almost trips into the conflagration, but recovers just in enough to take a glancing blow from the gnoll's bardiche... etc...

I know of at least 1 and possibly 2 other people who would be interested in playing. I'd prefer AD&D 1st or 2nd edition rules. Not getting bogged down with 3rd edition stats and feats and such.

Let me know if you're interested and I'll start an email group and get this moving.

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1970's 1st Ed. AD&D-Let's Play
2016-11-29 03:25:53

Hey, I would like to try online First Ed, but maybe Skype is a better platform? I love the old first Ed. AD&D and I have many miniatures and models of ships, towns, landscapes which I have built up over the years, all scaled to 25mm lead figures in the Ral Partha style. I would like to join up, or run a first ed game again, and prefer to do some of the old modules, as I find their milieu always consistent and full of 70's goodness. Let me know if you are still doing this online thing ( I realize that I am 3 years late in posting) I live in PSTime zone, in the far north of Canada. I am 42 yrs old and started playing when I was 9 or 10...Keep on the Borderlands game ever


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