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2015-09-18 07:08:48

Hello my names Matthew, I'm looking to start a small 5th Edition D&D group that meets in person in the Phoenix AZ area once a week every Sunday, in the afternoon or evening (Saturday is a possibility too though I do work overtime on Saturday's and it would have to be in the late afternoon and/or evening). I'm wanting to have a group size of about 4-5 players plus myself (So 6 maximum). I would like to GM though It would would be great if somebody else was interested in running games so we could trade off every two weeks or so just to avoid burnout for both of us and that way I can provide the best possible experience for the players. I'm looking to run a 5E game but if there is another GM and they are is interested in running something other than 5E I'm definitely open to trying different games as a player. (I have had a itch to play Vampire the masquerade so I would definitely be interested if that's something they wanted to run). So if you're a GM who wants to be able to play every now and then definitely hit me up if your interested.

I would want to run a longer session ranging from 4-5 hours with like a half hour lunch break sometime in between where we order out or something.

I'm looking to run a heroic fantasy adventure with good to neutral aligned characters and would like to start at 1st level (Willing to bend on the alignment if character idea is cool and can work with the party.).

I'm new to 5th edition but have played and run games for 3.5 and of 4th edition D&D for roughly 5 years and am pretty familiar with running games.

Some other things. I don't really have the space to host games so if somebody doesn't want to drive and has a comfortable environment and are willing to host that would definitely be awesome, whoever is hosting I was thinking the other members of the group (myself included) can chip in and buy them lunch or something for giving a clean comfortable place to play

Also If its on the way and somebody needs a lift I am willing to carpool and pick somebody up I do have a small car and would only be able to pick up about 2 people

If I can get some people together I would like to do a session zero for our first gathering, a meet and greet where we would all make the characters together and also just get to know each other.

If you are interested in playing please respond. If your interested in GM'ing or hosting please shoot me a PM and we will discuss some details.

I've been craving some D&D having come off of a 3 year hiatus and I'm definitely excited to hear from anyone interested in playing

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1-2 New players looking to play D&D
2019-09-12 12:25:47

I know this is waaaaay later than your post, but are you still looking for people? Myself and a friend are newbies, but quick learners and would like to play D&D. Saturday’s are probably our best days and we can do evenings. Your whole post sounds doable =)

Also have a possible third person who could join, he said he has played before but it’s been awhile.

I’d be willing to possibly DM games after I learn a little if you’d like.


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