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Looking for a Saturday Group of players.
2010-04-02 15:06:21

A few years ago life took a turn for the worse ( you know, you were there...:) ) and my game group got spread to the four winds.

I have spent that time creating a game of my own, but am NO WHERE need publishing. I have not been gaming at all.

I want to organize a game group again and start playing on a regular bases. Here is what I have in mind: Saturdays from noon till we quit every week, at my place, system to be agreed to, willing to be a player or a GM, been GMing for... well... ever.

I have myself and my wife (yes, she is a good gamer), and need 2 more at most. Might think of adding 3 for a total group of 4 players, but our place is better suited to 3 players and a GM. We are "old mothers" and have been gaming for a long time. I would like the group we form to eventually be the core playtest group for the system I am making.

I am not looking for either old-farts or kids. These can be of any age, but you know what I mean. I run and prefer to play in mature games. This isn't to say I don't like having adolescent fun form time to time, but it does mean I don't want to have a lot of politics or have to sensor my language and thoughts. I am open to people, if you are one drop me a line.

Also, to get to see a very small part of who I am go to The Gaming Resource.


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2012-10-17 09:23:32

Looking for a group also unfortunaly my recources r limited if u r interested call the number on my profile and yes I am desperate enough to put my number on my profile

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