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Death b4 4th Ed.
2009-09-03 16:48:15

I just moved from NY back home to Dallas and am looking for a group atm. I'll run D&D 2nd and 3rd ed., Call of Cthulhu, and All Flesh Must be Eaten (or any unisystem). I'm interested in playing anything really (anything except world of darkness or D&D 4th ed).

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2010-07-30 22:51:02

My best friend and I have been looking for a way to get into tabletop gaming for a while- Do you do it in person or do you do it over the computer via some sort of IM system or other? When I was little I used to read all the World of Darkness books my dad had laying around (mostly Werewolf: The Apocalypse... that would explain why I'm so obsessed with werewolves... Hm) and Shadowrun, but Call of Cthulhu and just about anything else sounds good. Think you can put up with us?

New Gamer wants group
2012-03-28 03:32:11

Gamer in Fort Worth looking for a group as well. Not so far from you, to be honest.

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