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2010-09-23 18:48:14

This is the project i'm currently working on. I'll be doing a test session very soon and then am working on a campaign that may run between a few months to a year depending on PC decisions. Definitely have room for at least one more.

— Lord Ahriman

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2010-10-08 07:00:54


My team just started an AO campaign, still in the test game phases. First session was a little crammed by misunderstood game mechanics... Second session is tonight! (I'm one of the players, not GM.)

I'm waiting for the flavour of the world to come out, to make it more than a discussion of segments and how many Ts you need to buy the cameleon suit, if Danger Sense is really worth 150 CDPs if the GM keeps forgetting that you have it, and how to step up and down your dice pool. Too many years with D20 for the transition to go easy, but all are in good spirits and I'm baking cake. :-) I'd love to hear how yours is doing. :-)


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