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2016-10-22 07:01:40


I've just recently gotten back into tabletop gaming (not that I had much experience to begin with) and I'm looking for a group somewhat close to home to play something with aside from DnD.

I'd love to give World of Darkness or Shadowrun a shot, but unfortunately I've never played them before and I don't really enjoy DMing much myself anyway, so I was wondering if this group would be the place to ask about giving them a try. I ask because you mention Shadowrun in the group description, so it'd be good if I could find someone to play that with, preferably who knows what they're doing (although that's not an absolute necessity).

Also, I know you say you're in the Peninsula area, but I was wondering when/where exactly the sessions would be if this were to go ahead? Unfortunately I'm not in the Peninsula area myself, although it's easier to get there than to Melbourne, where most of the groups I've found are! But as I don't drive, I rely on public transport, so any sessions that are likely to run past around 10 at night would be a problem, depending on where they are.

Thanks for any response :)

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