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All comers welcome
2017-03-19 17:33:22

Is this group still an active thing? My husband and I are looking for more players or a group to merge with.

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Need my gaming fix!
2017-04-08 01:48:44

I don't know if this group is alive but I am. I am looking for gamers to play with n the clear lake area ( I am near Scarsdale and Beamer and have no plans to move). My wife and I are gamers, and i am a veteran gm/player: I do world of darkness, traveler, d&d 3.5, traveler, and home brews. Doesn't matter if you see this post now or five years from now; contact me at and I will see about gaming with you. Mature gamers only! (I.e. Adults without issues, drama, or baggage). Oddballs welcome.

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