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2018-07-10 18:15:06

We're looking for a few more players (probably 2) for a Homebrew game with White Wolf like rules that includes many Street Fighter influences.

We typically game weekly, Saturday evenings from 6pm to about midnight. We'd like someone who can come weekly, but of course if you need to miss once in a while it's understandable.

Currently we're playing in Mountlake Terrace or Lake Forest Park at homes, but we'd definitely be able to meet at a game store or wherever for the first session, and I'd be willing to meet up to help explain the game or help build a character before hand if you'd like.

The characters in game are amateur fighters, school aged (14-16), but the idea of the game is to progress to super fighting game levels. The game is heavy on role play.

Current group fluctuates between 3-5 members, but we'd like to consistently be in the 4-5 range. All current players are 25+.

Feel free to contact me if you want any further information!

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