I'm looking for some nerdy fun in WA.

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2013-01-21 04:39:23

I'm looking for some nerdy fun. I have tried to get the wife and friends into DnD and some indepth RPG board games without any luck. I have a bunch of games from Settlers of C, Hero Quest, Zombicide, Defenders of the Realm, Descent, Ticket to Ride, Killer Bunnies, Smallworld, Heroscape and many more. I have always wanted to try something like dnd or an in depth rpg board game like descent. I'm not much of a War Hammer fan, I tried it, and it's not my cup of tea.

If your group can use another player I would love to join. I'm 34 and I'm trying to stay around the same age demographic. I like to hike, bike and I consider my self as a general outdoorsy type. I would only be available on the weekends (F,S,S), I travel a lot for work during the week. I live in Marysville so Northgate is about as far south as I would care to go.

Thanks T.

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