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2016-10-15 01:56:48

I have wanted to try this for a while, so here goes:

Anyone can be a hero. Can you handle being a Power?

Heroes run around on amazing adventures. They kill dragons. They fight against mega-corps. They explore strange new worlds. Sometimes in those stories you catch a glimpse of those that function behind the scenes. In many stories they are called gods. The Greek gods sent heroes out on quests. On the islands around Malazan they manipulate mortals to advance their goals. In the pages of The Sandman they meet with figures from history and literature, and influence the course of history.

In a game of Nobilis you too can be one of these Powers.

I am looking to start a game of Nobilis for 3-4 players that meet regularly. Weekly would be ideal, but it can work a few times each month. The catch with this game will be that participants need to be prepared to run a game or two in the system of their choice for the other members of the group. This is being done to tap into the amazing multiverse setting that Nobilis applies itself to. Each player will be a member of a Familia Celestis. This is a small group of divine beings with a common patron. As a team you will identify the aspect of realty over which you individually have control (Shadows, Storms, Fire, Trees, Sadness, Computers, etc) and create a small world in which you reside. (Neil Gaiman's Sandman and the Fionavar Tapestry are good inspirations.) From there you will be given a starting point for making your mark in a universe beyond imagination. You will gather heroes in various worlds and use them as pawns to achieve your goals.

This is where the crossover will come in. Players will take turns running short games in the system of their choice that helps advance the story. We will create and inhabit the spirit of our hero (Anchor) setting off to complete a quest as determined by our Nobles and the rewards of these quests will further the larger Nobilis meta-game. For example, your Noble of Shadows decides that it would be valuable to obtain an artifact that eats light. Acting directly against the Noble of Light would instigate a dangerous conflict, however sending an Anchor into that dungeon set in Golarion will likely not alert the Noble of Light until it is too late. A player that is comfortable running Pathfinder would then take us off into that setting to achieve our goals. Afterwards we would return to the large Nobilis setting to continue.

Our setting will be diverse. High fantasy, urban, apocalyptic, sci-fi, and cyber punk all have a place in Nobilis, so the group will decide how the story evolves. To get a small idea of where we begin check out the Nobilis primer linked below.

Please message me if you are interested with any questions. I'll schedule a meet-up in the future to sit down, plan what types of settings you would like to run with the group and build from there. After we meet and everyone commits I will run a solo session with each player to establish an origin story and help you learn the Nobilis system (very easy). Experience is not necessary here, just the desire to learn and tell good stories.

Caveat: This is a storytelling heavy system and not focused on traditional crunchy role-playing rules as seen in games like GURPS, Shadowrun, and Pathfinder. (However, if you would like to bring those systems to the table you are welcome for the side stories you lead.)

Saratoga, Glens Falls, Hudson Falls, Warrensburg, Lake George are all local for where we will meet!

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