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2010-10-24 17:49:04

I am currently looking to start a fresh game and looking for players or even someone to run a game. I can host in Bothell. I am very open to suggestions for the system and style of game. Really just looking to have fun, I play RPG's to have fun, first and foremost and I am looking for like minded people. I have played the following games in the past but in no way am I limited to this selection (Exalted, Vampire, Werewolf, Mage, AD&D (even though 4th ed is not my speed since it really does feel more like a board game), Champions, Robotech, Battletech.

I prefer a storytelling type of game with a focus more on Role-playing then Roll-Playing.

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Player in Edmonds looking for a steady table top g
2012-05-10 14:51:21

What days and times are you hoping to play?

2013-06-07 22:35:36

I live in duvall and might be interested. What type of schedule are you looking for?

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