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D&D noob need some people to play and teach me
2008-09-03 18:18:54

looking for a fun group to play with just started playing D&D and i really liked it so i was hoping to find people who are willing to help me learn

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Living Forgotten Realms campaigner mainly
2008-09-12 11:27:01

You might try UC Irvine RPGA which I game at, might be fun for you. Also several stores have games-Including Dice House Games in Fullerton and The Realms in Brea. Brookhurst Hobbies in Garden Grove and Dear Mr Fantazy in Orange For UCI RPGA try here:

Searching for a D&D 4e group to play with.
2013-09-27 07:23:59

Yeah, I know The Realm has the Edgemont group there that rolls on public tables on Monday and the WotC Encounter table on Wed.

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