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2008-04-22 05:22:45

I've found a few repeats under the Tags section for games. Specifically Dark Heresy has three entries under it. Could cause some confusion for people looking for those types of games.

Might be time to clean that up and install set names. I'd be happy to help catalog the names if interested.

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The gamer that runs this site
2008-04-22 15:58:22

Just go ahead and add any redirects you see needed -- we keep full history of tags, so someone can see what you did and revert it if needed.

RPGing since '84, and still loving it!
2008-04-22 22:37:10

I've already started some of this for a few of the R. Talsorian Games Tags, but I noticed that there are a lot of people that are using the "Tags:" area of their profile instead of the "Profile:" area.

This leads to having a lot of tags that are like "a myriad of other games and systems" and "and am a huge fan of ripping off survival horror crps lol".

It would be good if we could remove these, or redirect to a Bad Tags link or something?

Hey Harkins, could I start a Bad Tags tag and redirect these things to it, or is there a better way to clean them up?

Let me know, always glad to help out.

— Leva, Älska, Spel! / Live, Love, Game! / Degero, Amor, Venatus!
The gamer that runs this site
2008-04-23 02:27:43

Bad Tags sounds good -- just give it a description saying something like "This is the tag you get when you enter random text in your tags instead of games or genres." Except probably worded better.

2008-04-23 04:29:04

Couple Questions:

-When we redirect, does that mean that all the gamers from the redirected tags will show up on the map?

-Several games I tried to redirect indicated that another game was already redirected to it. However, in attempting to clear those up, I could not find them in the list. Any ideas where they would be?

-Also, there should be some way to remove tags from the list. Just check "an..." and you'll see about 20 entries that start with "Any...".

The gamer that runs this site
2008-04-23 11:42:30

Redirecting updates the tag list of every gamer/discussion using the redirected tag. So, yeah, everyone will show up on the map for the new tag.

In the upper-right of each tag page is a little icon that looks like a piece of paper going into a folder. Clicking it will give you a list of all the tags redirected to it. (I realize this is not the Most Obvious Icon Ever. I'm using the free icons from the free Silk set, let me know if you see a more obvious one.)

There's no way to remove tags because I'd rather do things with redirects -- that way at least a gamer with a redirected tag will see "Hey, we cleaned up X to Y for you." instead of "Ha ha, we deleted X and you're not allowed to use it." Yeah, I know the messages don't exactly say this, I just think of how I could misinterpret things if I was in a hurry and not really understanding how the site worked.

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