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AD&D (1st/2nd Ed.)
2008-04-19 14:24:00

Hey gang...

I'm a old-timer in the D&D world (started playing in 1978), but haven't played now in over 10 years..

I'm looking to join or start a casual, fun group for one night a week here in Northern NJ to play 1st or 2nd Edition AD&D. I stopped playing before 3rd Edition was release, don't know if I want to get into it, but I guess I could be persuaded. :)

Anyhow, anyone looking to play, let me know! I have my own place, so I wouldn't mind hosting now and then.....

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2008-04-19 23:09:07

what part of nj do you live. live in nyc myself and am always looking for 1st edition game.

2008-04-29 14:53:49

I'm looking to form a Castles & Crusades group (which is somewhat similar to AD&D... though with the unified, d20, mechanic of 3rd edition D&D) for a twice per month Saturday game. I was thinking of running old-school adventures and of using Greyhawk as the campaign setting.

We'll hopefully be getting together this Saturday, if you're interested in joining us.

If you're not, I might be interested in playing AD&D. How often do you plan on getting together and on what day(s)?

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